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Self Hypnosis Audio CD's By Randy Charach

self hypnosis quit smoking cd
self hypnosis quit smoking cd

Stop Smoking, For Once and For All

If you've ever tried to stop smoking.....and failed.

If you've ever tried patches, nicotine replacements or cold turkey...but still keep lighting up.

Then this is the solution for you. Some listeners quit permanently on day One. 

"Self Hypnosis Quit Smoking CD"

You may not quit smoking on Day One, but.....

We GUARANTEE if after 30 days you still want to smoke...we'll give you your money back


weight control hypnosis - picture

hypnosis for weightloss cd

Lose Weight Without Dieting

Your days of fad diets, calorie counting and carb watching may be over. 

Have you tried all the latest diets. Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers, The GI Diet, The name it...but still those excess pounds remain?

You need to try our Amazing "Lose Weight Without Dieting" Self Hypnosis CD.

"Hypnosis for Weightloss"

I know it seems amazing that you can lose weight listening to a CD....but you CAN because it makes you WANT to lose weight.

So wait no more (pardon the pun).....get the slim you, you desire with..."Lose Weight Without Dieting"

This CD can be used in conjunction with any of the major diets, like Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers, GI Diet, The Zone etc

All Trade Marked Names Acknowledged.


more money & prosperity with self hypnosis


More Money and Prosperity - Automatically

Is trying to get ahead financially driving you nuts?

Have you tried every imaginable "opportunity" out there.....but still get nowhere? 

The problem could be in how you think and NOT what you do!!

Give yourself the lift you need, to have the life of financial freedom you deserve with "More Money & Prosperity - Automatically".


play better golf hypnosis picture


Play Better Golf From Your Easy Chair

Suitable for Beginners and Pros alike.

Have you had the same handicap for years now?

It doesn't matter how much you practice, your score just keeps going backwards! 

The truth may be practicing too much and not thinking enough?

The Solution could be in this Easy-to-follow Mind Power CD!

So whether you're a beginner wanting to get off to a flying start or a "veteran" of many years  - YOU Can Improve Your Golf Score sitting in your easy chair at home...GUARANTEED or your money back.


improve your memory with self hypnosis


Improve Your Memory

Do you forget the name of someone you met minutes before?

Do you leave the house without your car keys....again? 

Does your wife ask you to get some milk on the way home from work....and you promptly drive straight home...without the milk? more embarrassing meetings with those, whose name has completely vanished from your memory. 

Our "Improve Your Memory" Hypnosis CD will help you rescue your memory and give you a sharp, crystal clear memory of those important events and faces.


migraine relief with self hypnosis


Migraine Relief Without Drugs

Any kind of Headache can be a Real Pain!

Is the pain unbearable? 

Are you sick of taking pain killers that have no effect? 

Is it hard to work and socialise because you are always in pain? Have you tried all the other "therapies" with little or no results? 

Then you need to give "Migraine Relief Without Drugs" a try. You have nothing to lose because if not happy we will give you your money back.


stress relief hypnosis picture


Quick & Easy Stress Relief

Feeling, stressed, tired and worn out?

Is work getting you down? 

Is the money running our before the end of the month? 

Are the kids sending you round the bend?

Then you need some "Quick and Easy Stress Relief"

Sit back, unwind and enjoy the effects of a life with a new relaxed and refreshed perspective.


effective public speaking with self hypnosis


Master The Art Of Effective Public Speaking

Does speaking in public terrify you?

Are you one of those that ranks Public Speaking second only to DEATH as a fear?

Then fear no more. Gain the confidence to "Master The Art of Effective Public Speaking" Now.

Be confident about your next Job interview or that monthly sales report to the sales force.

Confidently stand up and "Speak Up" for yourself in all situations!


back pain relief with self hypnosis


Back Pain Relief Without Drugs

You can't sit for a minute?

You've been to all the doctors and still get nowhere. 

If you are frustrated and exasperated at never being able to do what you want without pain, then you need to try "Back Pain Relief Without Drugs".

Remember we GUARANTEE your success. So if you are unhappy for any reason we will refund the full purchase price.


set and achive goals automatically


Set and Achieve Your Goals Automatically

Is life passing you by? 

Do you feel you are not where you want to be?

STOP...and take a minute to review your life. What would you REALLY like to do? Yes, REALLY, REALLY like to do!

Well come on my friend it's time to get to it and start achieving those Personal Goals you've always dreamed of. This life is not a practice round.


creative thinking with self hypnosis


Become A Creative Genius

Light the spark of creative genius within you. Get that "grey matter" working over time creating new ideas, techniques and solutions to life's challenges.

You have the ability to create your own future and destiny. You simply need to allow that amazing Mind Power to flow easily and produce creative solutions to any of life's problems.

Say "No more" to mental stagnation and stimulate your creative side with "Become A Creative Genius".


allergy relief with self hypnosis

physical body hypnosis

Allergy Relief Without Drugs

Are fed up having itchy eyes or skin. 

Fed up sneezing. 

Sick and tired of taking drugs that make you drowsy and tired.

Then you need to Consider Allergy Relief Without Drugs.

Give your brain a chance to release your allergies. It really works!....and if it doesn't you can get your money back.


quided relaxation

physical body hypnosis

Guided Relaxation Made Easy

Are you stressed, frustrated, tired and worn out?

Is hair going grey and falling out?

Is your "brow" permanently furrowed and tight?

You need to learn how to relax, completely and deeply within minutes. It will work wonders.

Just take 30 minutes a day....that's all and I GUARANTEE life will be better. 

Less stressful, more relaxed and much, much more enjoyable.


sales power with self hypnosis


Amazing Sales Power Magic

Get more sales. 

Close bigger deals. 

Win all the Sales Awards. 

Contrary to popular belief, sales is NOT about having "The Gift Of The Gab".

Sales is about thinking right and developing the right habits.

"Amazing Sales Power Magic" can give you amazing results sooner than you think .


time-management with self hypnosis


Master Your Time

Are you always rushing...but getting nowhere? 

Does the day seem to overtake you? 

Are there not enough hours in the day?

STOP...and take a second to consider that your time is THE most precious commodity you have. So don't waste another minute and learn how To "Master Your Time".


problee solving with self hypnosis


Become A Master Problem Solver

Do you procrastinate over decisions?

Do you spend hours thinking about something, only for someone else to come along with the solution in seconds?

Then help is at hand. 

This amazing CD will help you "Become A Master Problem Solver" within 30 days.


Be Psychic - Develop Your Psychic Power

Every felt you've been here before?

Ever met someone you KNOW you've met before but they swear otherwise?

Do you want the skills to look into the unknown?

Well....the skills to be psychic lies within all of just needs wakening

Develop your skills to be psychic and release those soon to be discovered powers with this Amazing Audio Self Hypnosis CD.


master martial arts with self hypnosis


Master Martial Arts

Can't get your timing right?

Not flexible enough?

Not quick enough?

Does that sound familiar? Maybe you are trying the wrong things.

Learn the secrets to get the body and mind in tandem with this outstanding Self Hypnosis CD


"Discover the Untold SECRETS of
Adult Hypnosis..."

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